I was born in Washington, but grew up in Utah. I’m happiest when the clouds are grey and the ground is wet, so I guess I carried a bit of Washington when I left. With mountains in my backyard, I spent a lot of time hiking, four-wheeling, and camping outside. Throw an adventure my way, and I’m in.

I attended college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I decided I would study advertising the day before I started college. The busy, run-around lifestyle of communications fit perfectly with how my brain worked. I gained unforgettable experiences and was able to work on dozens of accounts and projects, including work for local clients and nationwide agencies. My yearlong internship at Bonneville Communications in Salt Lake City confirmed my career direction for social media.

College was good to me; I worked on project after project, drank a lot of chocolate milk (a must-have in Provo), and met/married my husband. After college, my husband applied to multiple physical therapy programs, and we played the yearlong waiting game to see where we would end up. Las Vegas kind of fell into our laps. I swore I would never move to a hot state, but Las Vegas is something else (don’t talk to me in the summer). We were excited to finally settle down, and I was especially excited to begin my career at Quillin. The Quillin team is basically family now, and their mentorship has helped me grow in so many ways. I’m eager to continue my career in this industry and learn how to best help our clients succeed online. Las Vegas is quickly becoming our home; I’m definitely getting used to the blue skies and dry ground.