I’m originally from Salinas, CA, about 10 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and just south of The Bay Area. However, after 15 years in Las Vegas, I like to consider myself a local - even though technically I’m from NORTH Las Vegas. I promise, it’s not as bad as you think.

My taste in music is probably the only cool thing about me and the one thing I could talk about for hours on end, no matter the genre. I spent most of my high school years, and a few of my college years, as the bassist in a pop-rock band and had the chance to play great venues around the city.

Working at CBS Radio gave me a great opportunity and look at the music industry and eventually pushed me to write about my concert experiences for the UNLV student newspaper.

Before graduating I was able to complete my internship with the team at Life is Beautiful Festival. It was my first deep dive into the world of social media and where my career began.

After graduating from UNLV, I worked as a social media account coordinator at another agency for a year before landing into the loving arms of this awesome Quillin fam!

Now, I live platform to platform and stage to stage.