Tim Quillin

Actual inspiration and model for Rodin’s The Thinker.

Sharry Quillin

Would negotiate added-value at a church bazaar.

Estie Macalister

Destined to adorn a Smucker’s jam jar.

Benjamin Burns

Has never lost a single game of Stratego.

Cindy Pino

Spreads the word like butter on a hot knife.

Melanie Devries

Puts Pulchritude and Resourcefulness into P.R. 

Amanda Colborn

Devours details and deadlines with an insatiable appetite.

Martin Bautista

Quillin's design nerd.

Nathan Gomez

A social climber – one platform at a time.

Jennifer Shelledy

Google reroutes digital inquiries to her. 

Tay Johnsen

The flag bearer of hope for the next generation.

Tara Trovato

Specializes in being in the wrong place at the right time.

Brian Veasey

His biggest fear is Laryngitis.