You would think that I should be smart and savvy when it comes to my Facebook account.  I work in the advertising business and we handle a high volume of social media, so I should be a smarty-pants, right? WRONG!

I always felt bad for my Facebook friends when I would receive their messages “I’ve been hacked, don’t accept any new Friend requests,” but I always had the attitude “too bad for you – won’t happen to me.” Once again I was WRONG!  I got hacked!  Yes, I said it – I got hacked! ME!  First I was so mad and then my mind went to “what do I do now?”  I had no idea what to do.  Most of us think we know, but do YOU really know?  Along with topics from my personal experiences, my blog will be the beginning of an on-going series of insights and ideas on what to do when something goes wrong with your social sites (this one will start with Facebook) and offer pointers on how to be a true smarty-pants.

Before I begin, allow me to share that I ran so fast to my social media department for help and they were awesome!  They calmed me down and gave me the directions I needed to start my hack-healing process!  Thank goodness I had my team to support me, and now, you will have Quillin on your team WHEN your lucky day comes along because its not if, but when you get hacked.  Or have you been hacked already?  Feel free to share your helpful tips on our site.

Check out this story from Tina Sieber.  She shares 4 Things to do Immediately When Your Facebook Account is Hacked.

And remember, Quillin has a team of social media rockstars that are here to help.

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