Corporate Ghosting?

A while back I was stunned listening to a couple of the ladies in my company share their stories about their friends being “ghosted.” The more I listened, the more I was aghast!

And the Winner Is...

From the first Oscars award ceremony—lasting a mere 15 minutes—to the highly anticipated Oscars telecast on Sunday, February 24

Super Spots of the Bowl

The Super Bowl, where big name brands and advertising agencies dish out millions of dollars and battle it out for 30-second advertisements to try to prove their worth to nearly 100 million people, and grown men play a football game.

Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity: Smooth Shave or Nick?

The new Gillette ad entitled, “Toxic Masculinity,” is 1:49 in length and generations in the making. It is a modern-day extension of their tagline, “The best a man can get,” in the context of the #MeToo world we live in. You will have an opinion about it.

Small Town Island Communication - Don't Overthink It

In today’s world of instant connectivity, social media and news at our fingertips - how does one communicate on a small island in the Puget Sound, with spotty Wi-Fi (at best)?

The Power of Doodling

A large portion of most people’s lives consist of sitting behind a desk.


For my money, it was a song written by Roger Nichols (music) and Paul Williams (lyrics) for Crocker Bank in 1970 in an effort to attract young adults to the financial institution in California.

Tipping the Trend: How Knowing the Right People can Leverage Your Business

I am truly fascinated by trends. You blink too long and overalls make their grand comeback.

Cord-Cutting: The hOTT New Thing

Many people have heard the term “over the top” (OTT) being used in a media context by now. In fact, more and more we hear conversations with statements like “I’m a Cord-Cutter” or “I only watch Netflix, Hulu or Roku.”