Gamification Marketing - Why It Works

Gamification. It sounds like we’re about to school you in Fortnite, but luckily for you (and us because, to be honest, why is Fortnite a thing?), we’re not talking about video games. When it comes to gamification and your business, we’re talking about ways to get your customers involved in your marketing.

Coronavirus vs. Brands

It’s hard not to see the endless domino effect the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is creating. Some brands are choosing to address the virus in their marketing strategies, while others are pausing entire marketing campaigns completely. 

Fast Food Beyond the Bag

Imaginative merchandise is a way for companies to push the boundaries and create something that people want to talk about- whether they hate it or love it.

The Great GIF Debate

GIF. A lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. GIF. Say it one more time. 

Help Alexa and Siri, and They Will Help You

Most people have friends and family that either like—or love—Alexa and Siri or they want nothing to do with them. For me, both of these handy little helpers are in my life and they are here to stay. 

How to Master Giveaways

Let’s talk about Instagram giveaways. Let’s not talk about how many Instagram giveaways I’ve entered and lost. 👎🏻

Push AP Style Aside, The Grammar Police Are No More

It’s an exciting time to be a writer! We live in a world where our language is constantly evolving, and the dictionary is being re-written as we speak.

In Memoriam of Mamba: Social Media's Impact

In times of tragedy, many take to social media finding solace by connecting with others and writing or talking about how they feel. In today’s day and age, online platforms are an unbelievable tool that can be used for healing in a time of need.

Super Bowl LIV: The Ads to Catch

This year, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs approximately $5.6 million, and brands have forked over the big bucks for a shot at your attention. Here’s an early look at some of the creative campaigns and storylines that are already underway.