When Re-Branding goes sideways

It’s a balance keeping existing customers and clients interested and committed while at the same time gaining new clients or customers.


Recently, KLUC FM radio personality, Spence, caught my attention when he shared a story about being out to dinner with his wife at a local restaurant.

No Dam Inspectors Need Apply

When a document you’re creating is important enough to matter, do yourself a favor and proof it one time more than you think you need to before it goes out the door or over the internet.


Remember the opening dance sequence in Goldmember featuring a campy West Side Story face-off between Austin Powers’ gang and Britney Spears’ fembots?

Welcome to the Show!

Advertising is as competitive an industry as there is today. However, when one of us gets it right, we’re all typically quick to acknowledge the accomplishment. Hence this blog.

5 Tips for Successful Nonprofit Communications

Nonprofits in our valley haven’t had the easiest year this year with loss of budgets, operations issues and board member shakeups. Despite what the challenge may be, it is always essential to keep nonprofit communications clear and concise while emphasizing their mission. Here are five tips to take into consideration for effective nonprofit communications.

Hack It Up!

You would think that I should be smart and savvy when it comes to my Facebook account.  I work in the advertising business and we handle a high volume of social media, so I should be a smarty-pants, right? WRONG!

Where Do You Go For Inspiration?

Over the course of my design career, I’ve discovered some pretty awesome websites that inspire, teach and facilitate the design process. Check out some of my very favorites:

Is Facebook A.I. Creepy or Not So Bad?

“Facebook’s artificial intelligence robots shut down after they start talking to each other in their own language.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

As soon as I heard the news, I threw away my previous idea for a blog topic and decided to focus on this news, but it’s not as interesting as one would think after reading headlines about, “creepy Facebook AI.”