Remember the opening dance sequence in Goldmember featuring a campy West Side Story face-off between Austin Powers’ gang and Britney Spears’ fembots?

Powers prevails and at the end of the bit, Britney’s fembot head explodes.

On Saturday, November 4th, I was part of another audience as Britney exploded, but this time it was her heart that burst - with love and generosity for all of the patients and families in Nevada facing-off with childhood cancer. Yes, this international superstar who now has adopted Las Vegas as a second home, donated an unbelievable $1,000,000 to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) for the purchase of their own building to expand and house the critical services they provide to our community on a daily basis.

In 1987, I was fortunate to be among a small group of concerned citizens meeting in the office of Dr. Ron Oseas, the first pediatric oncologist in Southern Nevada. We decided the need existed for an organization to help the special children and families fighting this devastating disease and NCCF was born. Honestly, I never imagined that thousands of lives would be touched eventually by this group that has grown tremendously over the years due to the magnanimous support of Nevadans, businesses and benefactors like the divine Ms. Spears.

Fighting childhood cancer is a face-off we are committed to winning and, with Britney’s help, we are more likely to succeed. I’m a fan.