The Power of Doodling

A large portion of most people’s lives consist of sitting behind a desk.


For my money, it was a song written by Roger Nichols (music) and Paul Williams (lyrics) for Crocker Bank in 1970 in an effort to attract young adults to the financial institution in California.

Tipping the Trend: How Knowing the Right People can Leverage Your Business

I am truly fascinated by trends. You blink too long and overalls make their grand comeback.

Cord-Cutting: The hOTT New Thing

Many people have heard the term “over the top” (OTT) being used in a media context by now. In fact, more and more we hear conversations with statements like “I’m a Cord-Cutter” or “I only watch Netflix, Hulu or Roku.”

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain, Oh My!

The past decade we have experienced a paradigm shift in our society with the birth of mobile devices and the internet, resulting in a technological revolution where the sci-fi fantasies of our past are becoming our reality. Sprouting from this revolution are words like Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain. We hear these words all over the news, but what do they even mean?

When Re-Branding goes sideways

It’s a balance keeping existing customers and clients interested and committed while at the same time gaining new clients or customers.


Recently, KLUC FM radio personality, Spence, caught my attention when he shared a story about being out to dinner with his wife at a local restaurant.

No Dam Inspectors Need Apply

When a document you’re creating is important enough to matter, do yourself a favor and proof it one time more than you think you need to before it goes out the door or over the internet.


Remember the opening dance sequence in Goldmember featuring a campy West Side Story face-off between Austin Powers’ gang and Britney Spears’ fembots?