The new Gillette ad entitled, “Toxic Masculinity,” is 1:49 in length and generations in the making. It is a modern-day extension of their tagline, “The best a man can get,” in the context of the #MeToo world we live in. You will have an opinion about it.

Gillette PhotoLove it or hate it, there’s not much grey area in between. I love it. These kind of brand statements are what happens when clients want to “move the needle.” It’s a bold, pointed interpretation of a changing society in which Gillette’s primary customers, men, are facing internal and external reexaminations of their behavior. Risky? Yes, on the polarized planet we share today!

In a nutshell, the commercial graphically and emotionally conveys that the good old days of “boys will be boys” ain’t gonna fly anymore. It appeals to the higher instincts of men by intimating that they should do the right thing and, if they do, the company and its products will be there to support them.

To me, this spot forcefully asserts an indisputable point about changing values in our society. The fact that it evokes such a wide range of emotions from viewers watching it proves the need for its production and all others that might follow.

Bottom line: If you agree with the Toxic Masculinity statement, you’ll be more inclined to use Gillette’s products. If you don’t agree, Dollar Shave Club awaits.