In today’s world of instant connectivity, social media and news at our fingertips - how does one communicate on a small island in the Puget Sound, with spotty Wi-Fi (at best)?

SmallTownWith a full-time population of only 900, the seven-mile long Anderson Island is nestled in the south Puget Sound of Washington and only accessible via a ferry ride. The island itself is a throwback to what some would call a simpler time; with no traffic lights, a community swimming hole, a fitness center housed in a former one-room school house, and a small general store.

Even in its quaintness though “islanders” still need modes of communication, but like all other things with island-life they are a bit simpler.  From the community reader board that sits outside the general store informing residents of the annual art show, to the bulletin board announcements offering services, sales and the random lost key set waiting to be claimed.

It’s a reminder that communication doesn’t always need to be fast or even convenient, sometimes an old-fashioned flyer tacked to a cork board works just fine to get the word out.