I hail from Missouri, famously known as the show-me-state. Though Missouri is a wonderful place, after getting my first taste of travel I began looking for the show-me-the-way-out-of-the-state sign.

In Missouri, we “waited” for innovation to arrive; it was this adversity combined with my own curiosity to know what was happening in the world that I couldn’t see or feel but always imagined existed. In retrospect, I was outgrowing MO when I signed up for the school marching band in order to travel. In college I enrolled in an intercultural studies program, where I studied and lived in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan; these adventures helped me realize my own strength and recognize the central thread which connects us all, regardless of race, culture, religion or socio-economic status, the power of our story.

Shortly after I put my passport down for a rest, I tackled my fear of public speaking head-on and majored in communication. I earned over 30 public speaking awards and was selected to deliver the graduation speech at my university. My adventures in Asia and my pursuit of communication instilled in me a passion for storytelling.

After graduation I went to work for an advertising agency whose clients focused on the culinary industry, I was still in the Midwest but was afforded the luxury of working on national accounts along with The Food Channel; where I was included in the editorial strategy and planning during the first year of launching the now, social and interactive site that foodies and aficionados alike frequent daily for inspiration. It was here that I earned my creative stripes and solidified my decision to make a career in advertising and move west in pursuit of my dreams, to be surrounded by innovators and warm weather.

After a few trips to Vegas and continual campaigning by Vegas locals, like many who have gone before me, I packed my bags, hopped on a plane and waived my last goodbye to the middle states.

Upon arriving I found a wonderful advertising firm, Quillin. I was impressed with their talent, client roster, focus on the future of the digital hub agency and their sincere interest to see their clients and city succeed. Quillin was a natural fit. Whether we’re creating integrated marketing campaigns, developing apps, shooting commercials or incorporating the next big thing, we’re always looking ahead of the curve to determine the right move. All of those years of longing to be in the crux of creation and innovation are a distant memory.

I now get to run and hike the beautiful mountains of Red Rock Canyon, chat with and tweet with the movers and shakers of downtown Las Vegas. (without a snow shovel in my garage)