I’m a true born and raised Las Vegan…a unicorn of the desert, if you will. (Since people don’t think we exist). But, unlike some of the wild personalities you might find on Fremont Street on a Friday night, I would describe myself as laid back and relaxed, sprinkled with a gentle touch of sarcasm and overflowing with terrible dad jokes and bad puns. I understand if you want to stop reading now.

If you’re still with me, bless your heart.

I’ve always considered myself a storyteller of sorts, so it’s really no surprise that I ended up in marketing and advertising. Like a pure-bred Las Vegan, I landed what I like to call my first “Big Girl” job in the casino industry. After dabbling in casino marketing & advertising, I put on my event & entertainment hat, planning property events for 10 people up to 1,500. I hung up that hat to pursue my true career passion – social and digital marketing. Maybe it’s the Vegas in me, but I crave the fast-paced and ever-evolving environment the digital space offers.

When I need an escape from the social world, I retreat to lifting and moving heavy objects or sweating it out in a hot bootcamp class. I’m always pushing for gains, whether it’s in the gym or on a social media campaign.

If you’re looking to explore the next chapter on your social media journey, you’ve landed on the right PAIGE in the book.