Let’s talk about Instagram giveaways. Let’s not talk about how many Instagram giveaways I’ve entered and lost. 👎🏻

I’ve been sent on what seems to be an endless loop to follow dozens of accounts and “Like the giveaway post.” I’ve also been prompted to fill out an online form with the promise of earning as many as 30 extra entries for following every online account the company has. 

Sure, I’ve done the work and entered the giveaways, but then I unfollow all accounts a few days after the giveaway closes. So, what’s the best strategy to retain your new audience during an Instagram giveaway? Here are a few tips to keep those new followers:

Is it Relevant? 

If you’re partnering with a brand or choosing a giveaway product that doesn’t fit with your audience demographics, then is it really worth it? If you want genuine follows and engagement, then you need to find a genuine product to gift your audience. Giveaways are a perfect way for your company to gain numbers from your followers’ networks while thanking them by spoiling them with gifts! 

Setting the Giveaway Conditions.

It’s important to remember the user experience when running a social giveaway. Your brand is getting the most benefit out of the giveaway, so don’t make it hard on the consumer who’s trying to win $7 socks. Personally, my favorite type of giveaways are when two brands, companies, or influencers team up with a simple giveaway ask such as, “like, follow, comment, or share.” This way, I complete my entries in under a minute while identifying/retaining the associated brands. 

Picking a Winner. 

The trickiest thing a company can do is to message the giveaway winner privately without disclosing it to the other entries. I get it, your new followers forgot they followed you and will keep the “unfollow” button untapped for at least a few months before they remember the giveaway you ran. But it’s only fair for your audience to know the result, even if you share the winner in a story or disclose it in the giveaway copy. Transparency is key and who doesn’t love a shout out for winning a giveaway!

Since we like you guys, we’ll save you the Instagram timeout and share with you Instagram’s promotion guidelines. Trust us and read ALL conditions before posting your giveaway. bit.ly/2OK1yhM