Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep


Find A Newsman With A Sense Of Humor


Capitalize locally on a national sponsorship of the movie Anchorman 2 by Chrysler Corporation introducing the newly remodeled Dodge Durango.


To produce a series of advertisements in which Chapman’s General Manager Don Hamrick would appear as Don Normandy (Will Farrell’s character) endorsing the arrival of the new Dodge Durango at Chapman Dodge.


We produced a series of video commercials which ran on television and online. Emmy-award winning professionals were beckoned from Los Angeles to help bring his makeup, costume and persona to life.

We collaborated with a local movie theater to offer local media and bloggers an advanced screening of the Anchorman 2 movie before it was released to the public. Complete with a red carpet and a dedicated social media hashtag, the event garnered great buzz and was a trending topic amongst its social platforms, garnering new followers throughout the evening. The 2014 Durango was on display outside the theater and “Don Normandy” posed for photos with guests in front of a step-and repeat banner.


Approximately 40 local media and bloggers were in attendance for the exclusive premiere of Anchorman 2. Our television commercials won an Electronic Media Award as Most Humorous Campaign of the Year.